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LPRs Hunter adopted Dec 2018

2018 ended with this handsome boy, Hunter being adopted!

Some of you may remember seeing posts earlier in 2018 about him--he spent some time at Muck Creek Kennels for 'boot camp' where he thrived. He was adopted once, then was returned to us.

In short, Hunter is a lot of dog. He is cute! He has gotten away with things because he's cute! If you gave him an inch, he'd try to take a mile...or two! In August, he went into another trial adoption with a wonderful couple. They fell in love with him but were unsure about finalizing the adoption; as we mentioned, Hunter is a lot of dog! They agreed to foster him, at least. They continued to work with him and met with a reputable dog trainer. We received the news at Christmas time that they wanted to adopt Hunter. They are 100% committed to Hunter and are continuing with his training, which has made all the difference. Hunter is doing really well! This news was one of the best Christmas presents here for us at Lucky Paws Rescue! Behavioral problems are often the reason for dogs being surrendered or deemed as unadoptable. Training saves lives. It is an investment of time and sometimes money, but well worth it. Hunter is finally home!

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