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LPRs Mack Adopted Feb 2019

WAIT FOR IT.....wait.........


After being brought in as a stray to a Washington State Shelter in March, 2017, Mack waited a full year for someone to adopt him. No one ever did. After hearing about him, we brought him to Lucky Paws Rescue where we could hopefully figure out a stubborn skin condition--as well as figure out who Mack really is and find him a forever home. After being with Lucky Paws Rescue nearly another entire year....Mack is finally home! He is loving it, and they are loving him--as you can see by the photos! (We did hear he wasn't too fond of the snow today)

Thank you to SO many people who have helped with Mack, donated to his care and training, and rooted for him. Special thank you to his awesome foster mom Ashley Alden. This boy is so sweet and soulful...can't believe it's taken him this long to be home, but he is, and he was SO worth it ❤️

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