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LPRs Skobiat, adopted August 2018

We are beyond happy to tell you that Skobiat aka Skobie is #adopted! His 10 day trial is over and he is with his new family.

He has an 8 yr old sister who just had to have surgery for thyroid cancer. He was beside himself when she was gone. He will not leave her side while she has been recovering. His mom is a retired vet tech. She worked at eye clinic for animals. He has already been in to see them! The family has a beautiful home on Whidbey Island with a fully fenced yard that he loves to hang out in. The family was looking for a dog for her father and keep finding Skobie and finally asked if he was still looking for his family. They love the bully breeds and dogs with disabilities so he was the perfect dog for them. He truly is the sweetest and best dog ever! It was like he was waiting for them and everyone agrees it is pure HEAVEN! Here are some pics of him, his new sister and his new grandma!

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